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    Shell Card: B2B Marketing that works

    Shell Card: B2B Marketing that works


    How to meet Shell’s expectations and exceed them?

    Client: Shell Card
    Markets: Europe

    Petrol and energy giant Royal Dutch Shell is among the largest companies in the world as it has reclaimed its spot as Europe’s top-ranked public company on the Forbes Global 2000 ranking.
    In the B2B sector, Shell is known through its Shell card.
    The Shell Card is a single payment solution for all business mobility needs and a gateway to an European fuel network and other Shell services on the road.

    Since 2010, Handsome Advertising is the main marketing B2B agency for the local reseller, TSG euroShell, but Handsome also worked directly with the Shell Hungary branch, for specific projects.

    Together with Shell Card, we worked on branding projects, major B2B marketing campaigns, new card launching, participation in events and conferences, video production, web development, web and mobile applications, PR and we have launched some of the most appreciated corporate social responsibility campaigns in the entire country.

    Business Design and Branding

    Handsome Advertising created the full rebranding of TSG Shell Card.
    The concept “Oriented towards you” was a success that led to the increase of TSG’s brand awareness by over 200% and the substantial increase of the customer base.
    Also, all B2B marketing communication (newsletters, brochures, promotional articles, collaterals) to over 500 carrier clients was managed by our agency.

    Live for the next 100 years

    How to create the most creative CSR campaign?
    One of the social responsibility campaigns with the biggest echo was TSG Forest 1,2 and 3, a Shell Card Clients Forest Campaign
    We organized one of the most important tree planting campaigns in Transylvania.
    An unconventional idea was the idea “See how your live tree grows for the next 100 years”.
    How did we managed this?
    We installed solar cameras in the forest that monitored the newly planted trees (operated autonomously with solar energy cameras). Thus, any Shell customer could see how “his own tree grows” by accessing a private link.
    The campaigns had an echo not only in social media but also in the national press, generating models for other large companies (eg Vodafone – which in the following years had a similar campaign).

    Shell Card events

    Handsome Advertising has organized over twelve B2B events for Shell card, at prestigious conferences and events with the participation of global brands.
    The Shell booth has always been perceived as the most creative and popular place, competing with big brands like Volvo, Mercedes Trucks or Iveco.
    Other companies in the sector were inspired by our ideas in the following years.

    Online Shell card / PR campaigns

    Handsome managed all Shell card marketing campaigns.
    TSG Shell Card has become the undisputed leader on the fuel card market through an efficient communication strategy and always one step ahead of the competition plan.

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    Shan’shi: The Asian Experience in Europe

    Shan’shi: The Asian Experience in Europe


    Now, you can have an authentic Asian experience at home. How to build an Asian food brand ?

    Client: Shan’shi
    Markets: Europe

    Shan’shi is the market driver for Asian products in Austria, offering a wide range of products that makes enjoying authentic Asian cuisine at home easy. The brand is easily recognisable by its red and black design and stands for high-quality Asian ingredients.
    Handsome Advertising was chosen to represent this regional brand and in 2022, we extended the collaboration with Shan Shi also in Austria, the mother company from Vienna choosing to start work with Handsome. A national success becomes an European success.

    You are the Chef

    In order to communicate how easy it is to prepare Asian food with Shan’Shi ingredients, we created “You are the Chef” campaign, a campaign that created a major change in the market, leading not only to an increase in sales but also to a change in buyer behavior by embracing Asian food. The campaign led to the growth and education of the market. You don’t need a Chef, because you are the Chef.

    Skip the common dinner. Try assian.

    We realized that people are not familiar ( and even afraid) to cook Asian food. They think it’s complicated. People usually cook pasta, pizza or meat at home (steak or one of the local recipes called “mici”). Thus, we came up with the idea to show that spaghetti is ok, but no one will remember your spaghetti. Pizza is… so common. But, Asian food… is something else. The campaign wanted to challenge people’s habits at meals, especially dinner with family or friends.

    Print / Social / POS Materials

    For over 7 years and still under our management, Handsome Advertising has created materials for the campaigns carried out both online and at the points of sale.

    Shan Shi asian parties

    In order to accelerate the brand attachment, we developed the concept of “Shan’shi Asian Parties”, with Asian themed parties in several cities of the country and guests from the media, blogging, social media and TV.

    Collaboration with famous chefs

    In 2020, Handsome Advertising started the “Nicolai & Nissara” series, based on the format of TV shows (entertaining recipes) in which a famous chef specializing in European food meets an Asian chef.

    The shows of 15-20 minutes each had a success beyond expectations, the full-length viewing rate being over 80%, a rarity in the production of long videos.
    The Shan Shi brand doubled its sales following these campaigns, according to the data received from our clients.

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    Salvequick: The game continues.

    Salvequick: The game continues.


    How to launch a brand using the greatest insight, the Love for childhood games.

    Client: Salvequick
    Markets: Europe

    Salvequick is the market leader and almost synonymous with plasters and wound care in many European countries, selling plaster-boxes around the world. Salvequick products can be found in most homes, schools and workplaces all over Europe, especially in Sweden, the origin country. Over the years, Salvekvick has changed name to Salvequick and the assortment has been renewed and developed continuously.

    Handsome Advertising was chosen for the launch of Salvequick products on a regional market ( Romania), through our partner Maresi Foodbroker.

    The game continues.

    The best way to do marketing is to connect emotionally with customers and to use relevant target insights. If you also appeal to nostalgia, the brand becomes “a love brand”.
    People remember the games of their childhood and they would love their children to play more outside, to replace computers and smartphones with outdoor games.
    We thought of reviving in the minds of mothers (80% of the Salvequick market) the games of childhood and the desire to see their children playing outdoor games again.
    Thus, we have searched for the most famous games from the 70-90s, the years when active mothers were children. We discovered a collection of games and we have launched one of the campaigns that we fell in love with.
    The campaign had two components:
    • A film was made that was promoted on social media
    • We managed to involve the community of bloggers and vloggers, who entered our campaign, most of them because they considered the campaign much more than advertising a brand. It is about an attitude related to children, play. It is about life.

    The bloggers received a Salvequick package and an invitation to bring their favorite childhood games back to trends. The greatest awareness for retro games was made by Handsome and Salvequick. Kids of the new decade had the chance to play their parents games.
    More than 200 bloggers have created articles and posts in social media (Instragram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin).

    The campaign had a national echo and marked the introduction of Salvequick on the new market.

    Handsome Advertising also managed Salvequick’s social media accounts on the new market. Salvequick having partnerships with Disney, DC Comics and famous toy manufacturers, Handsome had the opportunity to create content using the well-known characters.
    Today, Salvequick is among the top consumer choices, being present in almost all supermarket and pharmacy chains.

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    Veridium, US: From startup to industry leader

    Veridium, US: From startup to industry leader


    How to launch an online security brand and how to create the new market for it?

    Client: Veridium
    Markets: US

    Veridium (rebranded from Hoyos Labs) is considered a worldwide leader in mobile biometrics authentication, creating a secure world where identities can no longer be stolen, and individuals and companies are in full control of their digital and physical assets. Veridium is the most comprehensive Integrated Identity Platform powered by AI-based Behavioural Biometrics, enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), digital ID verification, and a true enterprise-grade passwordless experience for employees and customers. Hoyos Labs achieved numerous breakthroughs in biometrics R&D, with eight patents and 34 patents pending.

    Handsome Advertising works with Veridium (Hoyos Labs) since 2014.
    We have created the branding and online presence for Veridium (Hoyos Labs) including film production and app design.
    We also have created the concept and all marketing resources for the US launching campaign, one of the most complete Handsome campaigns ever made, with ads in New York Times, Forbes, Yahoo AOL and other major advertising platforms in US.

    We even create the pitch presentation for Apple meeting in Cupertino, California.

    The Yahoo AOL concept

    Yahoo company were excited about Handsome creative concept proposal indended to change the Yahoo mail homepage look during the campaign, offering viewers a real and thrilling experience of Hoyos Labs (Veridium products) services and how important your login security can be.

    Product videos

    Handsome Advertising created the concept and production for Hoyos Labs (Veridium) videos showing every industry case studies and the security needs of four key sectors: Global 2000, financial services, healthcare and government.

    Apple loved our work 🙂

    We have prepared Hoyos Labs pitch presentations for Apple meetings, before Apple implemented the face recognition feature in their iPhone and iPad (based on Hoyos Labs liveness detection AI). We still have an email with feedback from Apple, about our work.

    Launching a global campaign

    For the new product launch, we use a concept based on the new 2015 launch of 007 James Bond Spectre, which was playing in theatres. Without direct connection with the popular movie, we come with the “000 breaches” idea. It is important to know how to use “live marketing” using wisely the media waves on a market. Our ads were seen in famous publications like NY Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and texh newspapers like Techcrunch, Mashable or Wired.

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    Hartl: The Perfect Job

    Hartl: The Perfect Job


    How to use strategy behind creativity in B2B?

    Client: Hartl
    Markets: Europe

    It was in 1965 when Ernst Hartl senior laid the cornerstone for the HARTL Group in Saalfelden/Austria. In the first few years, lumber shipments were made from the Salzburg area to southern Italy.
    In 2015, Hartl Connect celebrates the 50th year in business and started working with Handsome Advertising on all marketing leveles: B2Clients, B2Partners, Employee Communications and B2Community.
    In 2022, the company is one of the most respectable carriers in Europe working for global brands like Amazon.

    The Perfect Job – Another way to launch recruitment campaigns

    At Handsome Advertising, we have always said that we are like doctors who solve clients’ problems. We heal situations that arise in companies.
    Hartl Connect Austria has opened branches in Eastern Europe (Romania and Bulgaria) and they were facing the lack of staff for Timisoara-Romania office, a city where multinationals were literally fighting for trained employees.

    The Campaign

    One of the most creative campaigns (also awarded by advertising professionals) was “The Perfect Job” campaign. The aim of the campaign was to transform Hartl Connect from a pragmatic Austrian company into a cool brand desired by the city’s youth. (knowing that the Eastern European market is a more emotional market than the German Austrian spirit). Thus, we created a campaign in which we asked young people what the perfect job means to them. We integrated the most common answers into a marketing campaign based on a film, followed by the implementation of the young people’s answers within the company. More specifically, if the youth wanted a hamburger every Friday, Hartl created a program in which a famous chef in town prepared hamburgers for the whole team every Friday. Moreover, an interesting initiative was the answer of one of the young people to the question “What does the perfect job mean to you?”, his answer (more or less seriously) being: “It would start with a limousine that would take me to the interview!”. What did we do at Hartl? We did it. We actually implemented this answer. In a period of 3 months, whoever selected for a Hartl job was brought to the interview by a limo. The campaign had an effect far beyond the most optimistic expectations, with the Hartl company becoming one of the most sought-after employers in the region.

    From marketing materials to online and software development

    Since 2015, we have been creating all the marketing materials for Hartl Connect, always being appreciated for the creativity and out-of-the-box ideas delivered.
    Handsome Advertising has also created ERP and CRM platforms for various processes within Hartl Connect, such as the automation of customer requests and the delivery of automatic quotations or recruitment platforms.

    Recruiting partners campaign

    To meet the needs of its clients, sometimes Hartl Connect hire partners (mixed transport companies that own 1 to 20-30 trucks) and are subcontracted by large transport companies ( like Hartl Connect) or forwarding companies.
    The challenge was: We want Hartl to be the number 1 choice for these partners.
    How we start? We also started from a series of target insights.
    We have identified the fears of small carriers (fear of running out of loads, fear of not receiving the money on time or fear of not being important – the big ones taking advantage of them). We have created a series of videos as an answer to each fear.
    The success of the campaign was substantial, the films being translated and delivered to other markets.

    Do you know who I am? How to get European markets and clients

    This was a difficult task. The challenge was to remove a layer between Hartl Connect and the end customer. Often in transportation industry, large customers work through logistics groups that act as an intermediary, reducing the commercial margin of the supplier (in our case, Hartl Connect). In this campaign, we thought strategically, wanting to reach the decision-makers: the transport managers of the companies wanted by Hartl. Thus, using an important insight of our target (the fact that a transport manager wants external decision-making power, especially since he lacks power inside his own company) we created a campaign across Europe. A campaign main film, PR, online banners, social media and industry events.
    After the main campaign video filmed in Vienna, using London actors and Los Angeles voices ( we have a strong relationship with London and L.A. artistic community) , we filmed also a follow up video ( at Hartl headquarters) to explain Hartl process. The success of the campaign was immediate, with Hartl Connect growing its portfolio of direct customers, such as Amazon.

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    Smart Diesel: Born to grow.

    Smart Diesel: Born to grow.


    How to grow from 0 to over 350 million $ annual turnover?

    Client: Smart Diesel
    Markets: Europe

    Smart Diesel is a soul brand for Handsome Advertising, because it was founded by clients and old friends with whom we have a history of over 20 years of partnership.
    It is a soul brand because it started with just an idea, and together with the clients we created the path of this business in a very competitive B2B market: the energy market.
    Having relevant experience in transport (we were the advertising agency that worked 12 years for edy spedition, from a small company to the largest haulier in the region, with over 1200 trucks), also having relevant experience in services for transportation industry (we have launched Diesel 24 and we were already working with the famous Shell, through the local company TSG), the new brand Smart Diesel benefited from our know-how.

    From the first idea, we continued with a brand story, visual identity, a strong online image and launching the first prepaid fuel card in Europe.
    We continued with a strong marketing plan, a relevant positioning on the market, training literature and resources for the sales team, industry fairs participation and pitch strategies and presentations for strategic partners such as OMV Austria.

    Today, Smart Diesel is part of the largest European group of services for carriers, having been acquired by DKV, a pioneer German company on the fuel card market, the acquisition being considered the transaction of the year 2020 in the region.

    We are proud to have participated in building an independent brand, from 0 to over $350 million annual turnover, with the potential to reach the first billion in the coming years.
    We continue the partnership with Smart Diesel and it remains a soulful brand for Handsome.

    Visual identity and online presence

    Handsome Advertising completely realized the visual identity, brand strategy and online presence of Smart Diesel.
    Together with the client, we managed to differentiate ourselves on an extremely competitive and dynamic market.
    Basically, it was a market where there were no free spaces, but through an effective image and communication strategy we managed to create market spaces worth hundreds of millions of $ few years later.

    Training resources for the sales team

    Being a team with new sales people, we prepared training manuals that contained both sales and communication strategies as well as concrete sales scripts and answers to all possible customer questions.
    We even prepared a disruptive strategy to make possible the introduction of a completely new product: the prepaid fuel card.
    In Smart Diesel marketing, we used the blue ocean strategy, where sustainable success comes not from directly confronting competitors in an extremely aggressive and competitive market, but from creating “blue oceans” – new untapped market spaces, ready for growth.

    B2B events and fairs

    Participation in B2B events (event and fairs for carriers, agriculture, construction) strengthened our image on the market and in a short time we became not only an alternative, but the number 1 solution for many industries that use diesel fuel.

    A new retail brand, Smart +

    After the consolidation of Smart Diesel in the B2B sector, the entry into the retail market followed.
    Handsome Advertising embraced the challenge of developing a new and modern retail brand, in an extremely dynamic market. We started with small steps, but in Smart + locations, we managed to offer customers services at the level of global brands (OMV, Shell, Mol) and even higher. Smart Diesel and Smart + are examples which demonstrate that an intelligent business strategy and an effective marketing approach can create a startup like a “a Goliath company in a world of Davids”, a company which later become „a David” itself.

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    Häagen-Dazs: An ice cream like no other needs marketing like no other

    Häagen-Dazs: An ice cream like no other needs marketing like no other


    How to launch a great ice cream on new markets and make it cool for the Instagram generation

    Client: Maresi Foodbroker / Häagen-Dazs
    Markets: Europe

    Take an iconic American brand and launch it, for the first time, on new markets in Europe.
    Häagen-Dazs have been making ice cream like no other since 1960. Reuben Mattus’ vision was to make the most extraordinary ice cream the world has ever tasted, a spoonful of luxury to escape the everyday. And to get there he only used the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients. As Reuben said, ‘If you’re like everyone else, you’re lost’. So we make an ice cream like no other – the best that best can be.
    We have been working with this brand since the beginning, launching integrated 360 campaigns via online but also on traditional channels (outdoor, printing, experiential marketing, video, PR).

    In love with Bradley Cooper

    We had the opportunity to continue the work of global agencies, when Bradley Cooper became the brand ambassador. Handsome Advertising created the print materials for the points of sale, magazine ads, consolidating the brand presence on local market. In just 2 years, Häagen-Dazs became a top brand in stores.

    Häagen-Dazs social media accounts

    Handsome Advertising created Häagen-Dazs social media accounts, generating brand-relevant content (photos, videos, special multimedia content) in accordance with the global brand communications guidelines.

    The icecream art. The New packaging launch

    Häagen-Dazs was once the go-to luxury ice cream. But in 2017, while the product itself remained peerless in terms of quality ingredients, the brand’s packaging and wider identity was looking out of touch with modern consumers and the Instagram era. The challenge was simple: get Häagen-Dazs back to its accessible luxury best.
    Handsome Adertising launched the new packaging as it deserves. In an art gallery.
    We wanted to launch the new packaging in the same way that works of art are exhibited.
    We booked an art gallery for a day (Gallateca Gallery) and replaced the current artworks with ours. The Häagen-Dazs ice cream art.
    The Häagen-Dazs packaging creations made by contemporary artists such as Santtu Mustonen and Kustaa Saksi.
    The packaging patterns  were reproduced on large canvas paintings using local artists and they were exhibited in the gallery.
    Even the wardrobe of the hostesses was inspired by the colors of the packaging.
    The event brought together the world of showbiz and social media, who shared the experience more than 22,000 times in articles, blogs, vlogs, stories, posts. In just one day.

    Häagen-Dazs sofas and lounge chairs

    To really enjoy Häagen-Dazs ice cream, special places were needed.
    Thus, our idea was to create unique lounge chairs in the packaging patterns, restored from famous but old armchairs. Now, those items have become famous again.

    Häagen-Dazs Stories

    In order to increase the new packaging brand awareness even more, we used famous influencers, a well-known local chef (Nicolai Tand) and a famous influencer, “The Fashion Countess” Ana Morodan, both having intersecting communities with the avatar of the Häagen-Dazs brand.

    Häagen-Dazs experiential marketing

    Every year, Häagen-Dazs was present at the events organized at JW Marriott hotel(marketing, blogging, social media events) where thousands of influencers came into contact with the brand and shared their experiences.
    All booths, brand activations and experiences were created by Handsome Advertising. We transformed In total, we have generated over 80 million reactions in the press and social media. Today, Häagen-Dazs is a brand in the top choices of consumers, communicating successfully the accessible luxury ice cream.

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    Scooterson: A start-up phenomenon

    Scooterson: A start-up phenomenon

    Singapore / Europe / US

    How to transform an incredible start-up into a valuable brand and a worldwide success story.

    Client: Scooterson
    Markets: Worldwide

    Scooterson is not only the first truly intelligent scooter, but it is also an example of passion, effort and inspiration to build a global brand. Born “in the garage” with few resources, the challenge was to create a magnetic brand for investors in order to attract development capital for the first prototypes. Through an effective marketing strategy, in a short time Scooterson became one of the prodigious start ups,( just like Tesla or Apple at their beginnings) and the brand was valued at over $35 million. Just the brand and its intangible value (design, concept and marketing heritage). In 2022, Scooterson was acquired by a company from San Francisco and it will start first series production.

    An extension of you. The Movie.

    Scooterson is more than a scooter. It’s an extension of you. But, better watch the video filmed in our Handsome studios, with an Arri Alexa Hollywood level camera and a great team behind. Learn about your perfection.

    Singapore Red Dot Design winner

    Handsome Advertising organized the Scooterson presence in Singapore. On a big stage, near Marina Bay, Scooterson won the prestigious award.

    Kill the old way of mobility!
    Los Angeles mobility fair presence

    On the other part of the world, Handsome Advertising wanted a fresh approach on a limited budget. “Kill the old way of mobility” Handsome idea made Scooterson not just an innovative brand, but also a creative one.

    For the event video, we come up with a 60’ style video to communicate a strong Scooterson feature: the selfdriving. Yes, we challenge the impossible. Imagine a scooter coming to its driver like a horse is coming to its rider.

    Film story: The Hollywood scout

    Our scooter needed to be coonected with people. With people’s lives. So, we have produced real film stories. Filmed in Los Angeles in just 3 days, Scooterson become more than just a brand. Using prototypes, we create engegement not just online, but also on the street.

    Film Story: The Sommelier in San Francisco

    It was amazing to discover Californian wines in San Francisco for 2 days when we filmed “The Sommelier” story.

    Online presence through
    Scooterson website

    For the website, we wanted to create a professional and global look. A website made having in mind every small detail. See more on www.scooterson.com

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