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    Shan’shi: The Asian Experience in Europe


    Now, you can have an authentic Asian experience at home. How to build an Asian food brand ?

    Client: Shan’shi
    Markets: Europe

    Shan’shi is the market driver for Asian products in Austria, offering a wide range of products that makes enjoying authentic Asian cuisine at home easy. The brand is easily recognisable by its red and black design and stands for high-quality Asian ingredients.
    Handsome Advertising was chosen to represent this regional brand and in 2022, we extended the collaboration with Shan Shi also in Austria, the mother company from Vienna choosing to start work with Handsome. A national success becomes an European success.

    You are the Chef

    In order to communicate how easy it is to prepare Asian food with Shan’Shi ingredients, we created “You are the Chef” campaign, a campaign that created a major change in the market, leading not only to an increase in sales but also to a change in buyer behavior by embracing Asian food. The campaign led to the growth and education of the market. You don’t need a Chef, because you are the Chef.

    Skip the common dinner. Try assian.

    We realized that people are not familiar ( and even afraid) to cook Asian food. They think it’s complicated. People usually cook pasta, pizza or meat at home (steak or one of the local recipes called “mici”). Thus, we came up with the idea to show that spaghetti is ok, but no one will remember your spaghetti. Pizza is… so common. But, Asian food… is something else. The campaign wanted to challenge people’s habits at meals, especially dinner with family or friends.

    Print / Social / POS Materials

    For over 7 years and still under our management, Handsome Advertising has created materials for the campaigns carried out both online and at the points of sale.

    Shan Shi asian parties

    In order to accelerate the brand attachment, we developed the concept of “Shan’shi Asian Parties”, with Asian themed parties in several cities of the country and guests from the media, blogging, social media and TV.

    Collaboration with famous chefs

    In 2020, Handsome Advertising started the “Nicolai & Nissara” series, based on the format of TV shows (entertaining recipes) in which a famous chef specializing in European food meets an Asian chef.

    The shows of 15-20 minutes each had a success beyond expectations, the full-length viewing rate being over 80%, a rarity in the production of long videos.
    The Shan Shi brand doubled its sales following these campaigns, according to the data received from our clients.

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